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Here are our recent news articles.

Glenn Townsend and the Jordan Air TinMan had a great time at the Oglethorpe County Schools Career fair! We're excited to meet new folks with an interest in HVAC and Energy issues. Keep up the good work kids!


We're so proud to have such highly qualified techs to take care of our customers! This weekend, a group of Jordan Air guys passed their NATE certifications:

Will - Service / Light Commercial

Tony - Install AC

Adam - Service Heat Pump

James - Service Heat Pump

Todd - Service Heat Pump

Carmine - Service Furnace

Congrats Guys! We're proud of you!


New site up and running

After months of updates and harassing bio requests, the new is up and running! Check out our site for new information, deals, and tips for using less energy. We'll constantly update the content and new section to make sure you have the best and most up-to-date information on our products and services. Check the site to see our heating and cooling options, request emergency service, or contact us about your needs. Contact us today to see how Jordan Air can serve you! Enjoy!

Jordan Air Website

Learn how smart power strips work to kill vampire power in your home. Warning: contains humor.

We are blessed to have Jimmie in our lives. He was rescued from the Oconee Animal Shelter last year. After some hard work, he has already worked his way up to senior management. His strengths include customer service and boosting staff morale, and he always manages to be employee of the month.

Help an animal in need! To add to your family (or staff), visit: Friends of Oconee Animal Control.

Jimmie, the dog