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You've probably seen many HVAC companies that offer a maintenance plan or a scheduled tune-up program for your heating and air conditioning system, but have you ever wondered if you need it? And what is the purpose of preventative maintenance for your HVAC system? 

Take a car for example. You take your car in for regular maintenance, such as to get the oil changed or to rotate the tires. Why do you do this? Well, you do it because it extends the life of your car, and ultimately saves you money in the long run.

HVAC Maintenance Tune Up

Ever wonder if there is an affordable, easy, and DIY way to stop drafts in your home? Check out this video from Fine Homebuilding. It explains how to make a homemade door sweet to stop drafts in your home, create a more comfortable indoor environment and save some money on your energy bills this winter.

Are you considering purchasing or upgrading a new central air conditioning system for your home? Or are you just curious on how to get the most value and quality out of a future system? Well, we are here to help!

According to Consumer Reports, more than 75% of US homes use air conditioning and 90% of new homes are equipped with central air conditioning. In other words, in a world where heating and air conditioning once were considered luxuries, they have quickly become essential necessities in Georgia.


This past weekend, the Jordan Air family gathered together to celebrate another great year of hard work, dedication, and fun! There was dancing, great food by Trumps Catering, and awesome music by DJ Tic. We are so thankful and blessed to have each of these people on our team. Each person brings something to the table that one else can and we love them deeply!


Winter's coming. It's already heating season. So how do you save money on heating costs? You've got to own your heat. Simple as that. You've paid for all that warm air already, so it doesn't make much sense to waste it now.

A simple enough premise - it's the application that gets complicated. We (and most building science experts) strongly recommend air sealing and insulation as high priority measures to make your home use less energy, make you more comfortable, and make the planet happy.