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Cooler weather is fast approaching! As summer weather comes to an end, we can look forward to the changing leaves, time outside with family, and of course, cooler weather. The fall season is the perfect time to begin preparing for the winter cold. We all know that Georgia weather can be unpredictable; don’t let the cold sneak up on you. While the heat eases up and it starts to get cooler, it is important to start planning for the winter cold.
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Are you adding on to your home or renovating that clammy basement? Are you finally erecting a man-cave that will be the inevitable envy of every guy in your neighborhood? First of all, congratulations… you’ve earned it and we’re proud of you. But there are some things that must be addressed that don't involve flat screens and HVAC systems! If you’re adding on to or renovating an area of your home that is not connected to your central heating/cooling system, we strongly urge you to consider a ductless HVAC system.
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Lauren Jordan, Jordan Air's Communications Coordinator, wrote an article featured in Southern Distinction Magazine discussing the importance of maintenance plans.
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Summer is on its way! This means preparing for the kids being out of school, summer vacations, trips to the neighborhood pool, and of course those brutally hot summer temperatures. The temperatures are already rising quickly, and this is just a small glimpse of what it will feel like when the real heat wave actually arrives.

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The Georgia heat is upon us, and we’re in for a long, hot summer! Even though you will be blasting the AC during the day and enjoying those perfect breezy summer nights with your windows open, you don’t want your energy bill to skyrocket. We’ve made a list of 10 ways you can save money on your energy bills this summer. So beat the heat and have a summer of savings by checking out Jordan Air’s tips below.

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