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According to Energy Star, ‘The proper use of a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 a year’ because they allow heating and cooling appliances to be automatically turned down by up to 4 degrees when no one is home or even at night when you are sleeping.
Why Should I Install a Programmable Thermostat?

Have you ever wondered what your consultant is talking about when he says your air ducts need to be cleaned out or if you need more refrigerant in your system? Or what HVAC even stands for?

Here are some common HVAC terms that you should know:

Air Handler - Helps air move through ducts and into your home

Capacity - The amount of heating or cooling going through your home, measured by BTU’s (British Thermal Units) per hour

Common HVAC Terms Every Homeowner Should Know
With springtime comes scattered rain showers. These showers paired with the changing temperature can really affect the humidity in your home. We've compiled a list of a few things you can do to keep your home humidity in check!
5 Ways to Lower Your Home Humidity
Cooler weather is fast approaching! As summer weather comes to an end, we can look forward to the changing leaves, time outside with family, and of course, cooler weather. The fall season is the perfect time to begin preparing for the winter cold. We all know that Georgia weather can be unpredictable; don’t let the cold sneak up on you. While the heat eases up and it starts to get cooler, it is important to start planning for the winter cold.
Is your heater wasting money? Will it keep you warm this winter? | Jordan Air
Are you adding on to your home or renovating that clammy basement? Are you finally erecting a man-cave that will be the inevitable envy of every guy in your neighborhood? First of all, congratulations… you’ve earned it and we’re proud of you. But there are some things that must be addressed that don't involve flat screens and HVAC systems! If you’re adding on to or renovating an area of your home that is not connected to your central heating/cooling system, we strongly urge you to consider a ductless HVAC system.
mini split ac