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We use flat-rate pricing.

Jordan Air promises fast and efficient service!

Don’t tolerate hourly billing rates from a contractor. When businesses charge an hourly rate, you are at the mercy of how quickly they work. At Jordan Air, we use flat-rate pricing. We come in, assess your situation, give you a detailed analysis, and tell you a specific price for our services. With flat-rate pricing, you know the exact amount you’ll be paying for our services before we begin working.

Why flat-rate pricing?

-No surprise fees

-A flat-rate means no added cost, even if it takes us longer than we estimated, to solve the problem.

-A job well done

-Our techs carefully evaluate and correct each problem without the weight of racking up your bill looming over their head.


With Jordan Air, you don’t have to feel stressed when you call for a heating or cooling fix. No matter the job, you can rest assured that it will be done correctly at an affordable price.